AMERICA seeks to persuade Russia to stop Maduro

AMERICA seeks to persuade Russia to stop  Maduro

America national security adviser, John Bolton, said Donald Trump’s government seeks to persuade the Kremlin to stop supporting Nicolás Mauro.

AMERICA seeks to persuade Russia to stop supporting Maduro

The statement was offered by Bolton in an interview, where he pointed out that Maduro only remains in power thanks to the support of Cuba.

He also warned that it would be a “big mistake to do something” to harm any of the 40,000 to 45,000 Americans in the country or to repress the political opposition led by the President-in-Chief, Juan Guaidó, more harshly.

The United States and other 50 countries have recognized Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela and Trump’s government presses mature to leave power by tightening sanctions to government officials, oil exports and other sectors of the Economy, outlined Bloomberg.

The president also pressured Cuba by announcing on Wednesday that U.S. citizens who fled the Castro regime can sue foreign companies that have made use of ancient properties on the island.

“If you could use a magic wand and get the Cubans out of Venezuela, Maduro would fall almost simultaneously,” Bolton said to Bloomberg News before a speech in Miami about the US campaign to overthrow Maduro. “That’s what really keeps him in power.”

Russia sent troops and military equipment to Venezuela last month, generating tension with the United States. Trump declared on March 28 that the Kremlin “must leave” the country and the American Vice-President, Mike Pence, described the action of “unwanted provocation”. Russia defended the decision and added that the troops will remain in the country as long as their aid is required.

Bolton reported that National Security Council staff is in Moscow this week to discuss Russian participation in Venezuela. Trump wants better relations with the Government of Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the counselor explained.

Russia and China “are covering their bets in Venezuela,” Bolton asserted. “I think it’s an indication that they see their debts and investments in danger if they back mature unequivocally.”

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