Foreign companies promise to Guaidó

Foreign companies promise to Guaidó

Foreign companies promise to Guaidó support to tackle electrical crisis. The head of the Venezuelan parliament, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president by more than 50 countries, said Tuesday that it has the promise of energy service companies from Germany, USA, Japan and Colombia to solve the electrical crisis in a possible Transitional Government.

Foreign companies promise to Guaidó support to tackle electrical crisis

“Yes, we already have solutions; Yes, we already have a promise, not only of those three countries, the United States, Germany and even Japan to be able to deal with the crisis immediately. Also from Colombia “said Guaidó at a press conference to be asked about possible solutions to the electrical crisis.

The opposition leader explained that he has had contacts with companies in these countries that previously provided resources to Venezuela in terms of electricity and that they stopped doing so because Nicholas Maduro’s government stopped paying them.

He noted, in that sense, that there is no confidence in Maduro because he “stole, because it violates human rights, because it violates the Constitution ” And because his government does not offer guarantees, “to deference ” of a new administration.

“The companies that represent the different countries

“The companies that represent the different countries, not only Germany, also Japan, which have to do with part of the suppliers of the national electrical system, stopped providing for a simple reason: they did not pay them more ” said Guaidó who also added That companies don’t trust the mature government.

Venezuela, the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves, is undergoing a severe economic crisis translated into hyperinflation, food shortages and medicines and public service failures.

The parliamentarian also noted that “many agreements ” are advanced in the face of the political transition in Venezuela and that it has the promise of the United States, the Inter-American Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund to help it address the acute Economic crisis.

Last March, in the oil country, a sequence of mass blackouts was recorded that completely paralyzed the activities and that occurred, according to the government, by alleged “sabotage” of the opposition and the United States against the electrical system.

However, experts say that electrical failures occurred due to lack of maintenance to power plants and disinvestment in the system, a version that supports the opposition that also claims that what happened is the product of corruption in the state Company Corporación Electrica.

After the march failures, in the Caribbean nation the government applies an electric ration of 18 hours per week in 20 of the 23 states in the country, in which Caracas is not included

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