Leopoldo López: “The break has begun”

Leopoldo López:  “The break has begun”

Leopoldo López, opposition political leader, said that “We are in the final phase of the cessation of usurpation ” Leopoldo López: “The break has begun”

In this sense, the Opostior stressed that this “last step of operation Freedom ” should be given by “all “, in which included “Civilians, military, police, judges and prosecutors “, said by a live video on YouTube.

Also, Lopez said “The break has started” and that he did “Tuesday at dawn “, assuring that the call to the street he gave together with the President of the National Assembly, John Guaidó, generated “a fissure, and that fissure in a crack that will end up breaking and L dike “, referring to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

Leopoldo López: “The break has begun”

“We are not going to rest under any circumstances until we get the cessation of usurpation ,” said Lopez, declaring that “is an irreversible process ” as the members of the FANB “realized that this has to end “.

On the other hand, the leader appreciated the performance of Pedro Sánchez, president of the Spanish Government, and said that the decision to stay at the Spanish Embassy was his.

Supreme Court of Justice orders to capture Leopoldo López

A court in Caracas ordered this Thursday to capture the Venezuelan opponent Leopoldo López, who is in the residence of the Spanish ambassador, Jesús Silva, after having mocked on Tuesday the house arrest.

Lopez, who supported on Tuesday in the streets of Caracas a fleeting military uprising against the government of Nicholas Maduro, was revoked the home detention measure “for flagrantly violate”, says a press release released by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ).

The High Court points out that the opponent, deprived of liberty since 2014 and sentenced to nearly 14 years, also violated “the measure referring to the condition concerning political pronouncements by conventional and non-conventional means (of communication), national and Demonstrating the non-subjection of the measures “.

“In view of the above, the court in its decision pounds order of apprehension addressed to the National Intelligence Bolivarian Service (Sebin) against the citizen Leopoldo López “, reads the text.

The court further orders that López continue to serve his sentence-of which he has already served five years, two months and twelve days-in the military prison in Ramo Verde, where he was held until mid-2017.

The House of Lopez was raided and stolen by several subjects whom several witnesses identified as members of Sebin, according to Efe on Wednesday.

“It was the Sebin, the Sebin of the bad because there are sebines patriots who want the freedom of Venezuela,” said Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo López, Efe and TVE, entering his home for the first time to review the damage.

Tintori and López are in the residence of the Ambassador of Spain in Caracas, where they have been welcomed, although they have not applied for political asylum.

Lopez was released on Tuesday by a group of military and Sebin officials who had joined the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, recognized by 54 countries as interim president.

Together with Guaidó, he participated in a military uprising along with about 40 soldiers who went to La Carlota Air base, which again ignited the wick of opposition demonstrations in Venezuela.

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