Sebin took the seat of the legislative palace for alleged explosive device

Sebin took the seat of the legislative palace for alleged explosive device

More than a hundred agents guard this Tuesday the adjacencies of the seat of the Venezuelan parliament in Caracas after it circulated on the Internet a complaint of an alleged explosive device inside the legislative palace.

So far the officials of the Guardia (GNB), the Police (GNP) and the Intelligence Service (SEBIN), present on the site, do not allow the entry of deputies or legislative workers to Parliament and have not provided details on the alleged threat.

Sebin took the seat of the legislative palace for alleged explosive device

“Sebin’s antiexplosive officers enter the Federal legislature, apparently a supposed explosive device would be placed inside “, the Parliament reported through its Twitter account.

Minutes later the legislature, a forceful opposition majority, pointed out that the Sebin prevented its security personnel from “verifying” this situation, which has already occurred on other occasions, as last January 5 when after a long review they did not find Explosives.

The contingent of uniformed GNB has closed the access to the palace by the four cardinal points and increasingly extends the perimeter preventing people have less chance to approach, according to Efe.

This Tuesday the legislature plans to debate the “persecution” against deputies who blame the government of Nicholas Maduro.

This session is the first to be convened since the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) pointed out to 10 deputies of several crimes related to the ephemeral military uprising that last April 30 led the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, recognized as Interim president of Venezuela for more than 50 countries.

Since then, the Chavismo has given up the parliamentary immunity of seven of the defendants and Justice put one of them behind bars, the first Vice-president of the legislature, Edgar Zambrano.

In today’s debate, two of the deputies accused by the failed military uprising, Henry Ramos Allup and Simón Calzadilla, were scheduled to be presented, despite the possibility of being imprisoned.

In addition, the official Constituent National Assembly (ANC) also had a scheduled session


Guaidó dice que la Asamblea Nacional podría aprobar una intervención