South Command chief: Supporting Democratic change in Venezuela is “right “

South Command chief: Supporting Democratic change in Venezuela is “right “

Admiral Craig S. Faller, chief of the U.S. Southern Command, defended Wednesday that the pressure that has been applied to achieve a transition to democracy in Venezuela is “The right idea ” and he predicted that it will have positive results.

South Command chief: Supporting Democratic change in Venezuela is “right “

Faller, who was the first speaker of the fourth Annual Hemispheric Security Conference (HSC) organized by two academic institutions attached to the International University of Florida (FIU), responded as he asked about the options They shuffle the crisis in Venezuela to encourage change.

“Our goal is to be ready for possible contingencies and we are particularly focused on planning for when there is a legitimate government, when that legitimate government needs support for its security services ” To serve its population, he stressed.

The government of President Donald Trump, who recognizes the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guiadó, as president of his country, has reiterated with regard to the possibility of a military intervention in that nation that all options are on the table.

The chief of the Southern Command said that there is “evidence” of a “invasion” of Cubans in Venezuela, in a wide range of positions, from doctors to spies. “It is a significant number “, he said without venturing figures and after highlighting also the presence of Russians in the South American country and the scarce Chinese aid in this situation.

The key to “to be ready ” plans to support Venezuela’s democratic forces are America’s “allies” in the region, he said.

“We have met with Brazil and Colombia and other major nations to discuss the security challenges” posed by the Venezuelan crisis, as mentioned above, an increase of 40% in drug trafficking activities from Colombia to Venezuela.

In addition, the countries of the region are affected by the exodus of Venezuelans, an option which, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, has already 3.7 million people.

The crisis in Venezuela is a major issue in the HSC program, which also includes panels on security cooperation, combating misinformation and misinformation, and democratic governance in the region.

The organizing entities are the Jack D. Gordon Institute of Public Policy and the Kimberly Green Center for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Admiral Faller spoke in addition to Venezuela of the need for the United States to launch a security initiative for the continent, something that, he said, has been raised by members of the U.S. Congress, and that if it were realized, would have to “be now “.

Time runs and there are other powers, like Russia and China, that increase their influence in the area.

“There is a reason why (those powers) invest in 56 ports, there is a reason why there are ‘ smart cities ‘ initiatives with China in this hemisphere, there is a reason why there are large fleets fishing exactly on the edge of exclusion zones on the hem Isferio “he stressed.

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