U.S. sanctions Venezuelan officials for profiting with the Clap

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan officials for profiting with the Clap

The U.S. envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, said Wednesday in an interview with Efe that his government prepares penalties and criminal charges against Venezuelan officials for allegedly profiting from the subsidized food program known as Clap.

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan officials for profiting with the Clap

“We do not have a date announced on sanctions and indictments (judicial) to come. But this is a real crime because it is what the poorest Venezuelans need to survive. They know that this program is corrupt, we know it and we are investigating the details. And much more will come, “Abrams asserted.

Asked about future actions, Abrams said that “definitely ” The U.S. will announce more sanctions “As time progresses” and explained that the U.S. Treasury Department researches “for a long time ” The alleged corruption in the program Known as Clap.

At the beginning of the month, the Treasury published a report that claimed that “senior officials” from Venezuela used the Clap to launder assets that they allegedly had obtained through corruption and that even the money was directly pocketed by the executive Venezuelan goes to that plan.

According to this document, officials use overseas entities located in Turkey, Panama, Hong Kong or Mexico, among other sites.

The CLAP program, linked to local supply and production committees, delivers low-cost imported food every 15 days to more than six million people, according to the mature government.

The National Assembly (AN, Parliament), controlled by the opposition, has denounced that the Clap has provoked millions of patrimonial losses due to cost and corruption.

Venezuela is undergoing a peak of political tension since last January, when Maduro swore a new 6-year term that does not recognize the opposition or part of the international community and, in response, opposition leader Juan Guaidó, President of Parliament, proclaimed Interim agent of the country.

America was the first nation to recognize Guaidó as interim head of state and, since then, has tried to press Maduro with the reversal of visas to Venezuelan officials and sanctions to the company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), main source of foreign exchange For Caracas. Efe