How to Keep Your 2020 F-150 Running Like New

How to Keep Your 2020 F-150 Running Like New

2020 F-150 Running Like New


If you are looking at the 2020 F-150 at Memphis,TN, you know how amazing this version of the Ford work hours is. You know its reputation for reliability, its features, its payload capacity and off-road potential. What you may not know or at least may not have seen in one succinct checklist is what you need to do to make sure your vehicle lasts as long and is as dependable as you expect it will be.

Make Your Check-Ups

Those checkpoints to have you oil changed, the engine tuned, tires rotated, etc. are recommended by Ford dealers and the manufacturer because they play an important role in your vehicle’s lifespan. They play basically the same role as your family doctor plays. If you ignore the checkpoints, just like if you only go see a doc when you are injured or sick, you will suffer down the line.

So, get your oil changed when it is recommended. Rotate your tires when Ford says you should. Follow the other recommendations because they are being made for the good of your vehicle.

Inspect for Damage When Heavily Used

Your Ford F-150 is a beast of a truck. No other model or make compares for sheer day-in-day-out dependability. That said, it is not indestructible.

When you take it off road or put it through its paces during a day of hauling stone, wood, etc. make sure when you are finished, you give it some TLC. Inspect the tires, tread and sidewalls for damage, including cuts, abrasions and punctures. Give a look-see over the paint job and look for scratches or small dents. Inspect the undercarriage and make sure everything looks in order.

If you see any damage, get your vehicle in for service.

Follow the Octane Recs

Your vehicle’s manual has a recommendation for the optimum octane. Make sure you stick to it. You might be tempted to go with a higher octane version of gas, but unless you are racing your truck or hauling way over its recommended limit, all you are doing when you go with a higher octane gasoline is paying more for gas.

Check and Top Off Fluids

Unless you buy a new truck every year, that 2020 will age and as it does, stuff like fluids need more attention. Get in the habit now of checking the oil, transmission and brake fluids as well as the coolant levels and address them if they are not at the optimum level.

Buying your new 2020 F-150 at Memphis TN, shows that you know value, quality and service. Making sure you take care of your new purchase through consistent maintenance shows you want to get the most out of it possible.

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