Tips on Recovering Valuable Items That Falls Accidently into Your Toilet

Tips on Recovering Valuable Items That Falls Accidently into Your Toilet

There might be numerous incidences when some of your valuable items might fall into your toilet. To avoid this, you should always cover your toilet with a lid. In case, your item is stuck in the toilet bowl drain opening, you can recover those using Do-It-Yourself methods. If you have mistakenly flushed your toilet, then you may need to hire one of the trusted Sydney plumbers.

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Do-It-Yourself tips for items stuck in the toilet bowl and remains unflushed

The toilet water supply should be cut off immediately. You should not flush the toilet. If the item is visible, wear hand gloves and take it out of the toilet bowl. In case it is not visible, drain out bowl water completely. The item might be stuck in the toilet trap opening. You can use an adjustable spanner to unscrew all the bolts carefully and separate the toilet bowl from the waste pipe.

The wet vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the wastewater and your valuable item. Check the vacuum’s tank to retrieve your item. If it has not come out of the pipe yet, then drain out the entire water from the waste pipe.

You can use plungers like metal hook or plumber snake to take your item out of the waste pipe. These plungers are designed for unclogging and retrieving purposes. You can use a magnetic hook to retrieve a metallic, silver or a gold item. The plunger should be inserted into the trap opening and rotated clockwise continuously till you feel your item.

Once you have taken the item out of the waste pipe, you must carefully reconnect your toilet with the waste pipe. The water supply to your toilet should be restored and flushed to check the proper connections between toilet bowl and waste pipe. After recovery, you should also wash and sanitise your item and hands properly.

Alternatives when your DIY actions fail to furnish your flushed valuable items

When all your time and efforts seem to be a failure in retrieving your flushed valuable item, give a call to your trusted plumber to help you. They have a special camera to look through the waste pipe to find the exact location of flushed item. They also have special plumbing tools and are expertise in their work. This will assure you of retrieving your valuables without any damage to your toilet system.

They are well trained and well equipped with plumbing tools to handle any kind of plumbing services from unclogging toilets, to repairing your drainage pipes, to replacement of pipes for commercial and residential drainage piping system.

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