Coir Doormats – Durable And Eco-Friendly Products Manufactured From Abandoned Coconuts

Coir Doormats – Durable And Eco-Friendly Products Manufactured From Abandoned Coconuts

The whole world has started a new trend where large numbers of home and business owners are using items that are ‘green’. Well, not the color green, but the environmentally friendly items. The coir doormat is one of the finest things that are used by most homeowners and business owners. It is made of coconut fiber that is spun into a thread form that is used to weave rugs, mats, carpets, and anything that can come out in a beautiful and useful product.

A coir doormat is a 100 percent green product. Cleaning and maintenance of coir mats are easy. They don’t use any products that harm the environment. The coconut fiber is also extracted from the abandoned coconut from the coconut tree. Even by shaking and beating the coir mat can be cleaned instantly.

Ultimate Mats supplies superior quality mats to anywhere in the US. The business was started by father and son in 2005, and ever since they have delivered a huge number of custom logo mats, anti-fatigue mats, and entry mats in huge quantities. They are partnered with the best manufacturers and suppliers which ensures the top and finest material used for the product.

With the vast usage and demand of coir mat, manufacturers are producing mats of different shapes and sizes. Sometimes these coir mats are also dyed to give them a brighter look. When businesses use coir mat it sends a message to the customer that the business owner thinks about society and its well-being.

Advantages of coir mats

  • Coir is recyclable material made from the husk of the coconut which requires little energy during processing. This way we save the environment, fuel, petroleum, and energy as well.
  • Coir production and manufacturing are done by people throughout Asia. This helps in saving energy and increases the employment rate.
  • Coir can resist water to some extent but not entirely. It is safe for people in areas where water has spilled.
  • It is durable which is suitable for business with heavy traffic. It is also safe for homes where kids and pets are way too destructive.
  • The coco material contains natural coconut oil which works as an insect repellent and anti-bacterial.
  • With its great insulation property, it works well in high-rise apartments to avoid the noise of footsteps and heels.
  • The coir mat has a natural brown shade which remains always the same. You don’t have to worry about color fading from the mat even after washing it multiple times.

One disadvantage of coir mat is that at high traffic areas, the corners might get curled. The best way to keep it in normal shape is by keeping it slightly damp which will increase its weight slightly and it will stay steady in one place. Even in a dry climate and humidity-controlled areas, it is wise to spray some water on coir mats. This will improve the life and texture of the fiber.

However, clean it thoroughly before dumping it with water. You don’t want any germs or fungi to grow in a moist environment. There are varieties of coir mats available in the market. Some are fancy while some are decent. For long-lasting and durable mats, go for coir d

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