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Why People Need Cbd Vape Oil for Vaping

CBD is the perfect form of the hottest health and wellness supplement today. People prefer such item all over the world. It is necessary for people to know the working of the product. People get expected benefits with the use of the ideal product. The cbd vape colombia is the perfect choice for people to receive huge benefits. It is available with two major compounds available in cannabis plants. You can get expected benefits with such an item. You can enjoy the complete advantage of using CBD product to solve health issue. You can enhance physical as well as emotional health.

You can improve overall well-being and manage internal balance. It is perfect for keeping up a steady state of health and homeostasis. You can discover long term benefits when it comes to natural treatment. You can access perfect vape oil that good for vaping purpose. You can get the best outcome easily after taking such a thing. You can receive the potential advantage of using a CBD product. You can consult with the doctor and resolve the problem simply. You can confidently make a change in treatment with the best supplement. You can enjoy a great outcome in regular treatment and therapy routine.

Enjoy the vaping without discomfort:

When deciding to use the CBD for vaping, you can visit the best shop and enjoy purchase quickly. You can explore possible health benefits with the right medication option. It is suitable for the mental and physical health. The cbd vape colombia provides the great comfort to people and help them to solve the problem. You can take pleasure from vaping with CBD oil. People can change the treatment option simply and obtain a positive result. You can correct the health issue easily and stay in a comfortable manner. You can consider the compound available in the supplement and take benefits of it. The shop presents a vast collection of product at a decent price range. People don’t worry about the money required for buying such a thing. You can check the important factors carefully when buying an ideal item. You can invest the right amount of money to buy the CBD product and use them in the right way. You can buy the right concentration of oil that excellent for vaping.

Improve the concentration quickly:

The CBD oil is excellent for smokers when it comes to smoking. The shop gives you an excellent concentration of oil that right for your health. You can improve the state of mind and focus on the CBD vape oil. It is a stunning option for people to avoid tobacco intake. You can solve the unwanted problem with an effective solution. It manages the stunning ingredients that suit for people health today. You can enjoy the quality sleep after using the product. So, you can go to a reputable shop and buy the perfect oil to vape. People need it for less THC compound and get relief from the problem. You can quit the smoking slowly and explore the perfect benefits.

CBD Oil For Use In Pets – Benefits And Safety Concerns

CBD oil is used by many to treat their pain that has been affecting them for a long time and even anxiety related symptoms. Since, CBD is a non-addictive and natural compound; it can also be safely given to your pets as well to calm them down provided that the THC content of the oil is less than 0.3%.

You can give your pets your own CBD oil in small doses when certain drugs seem to fail to correct their health issues. Endocannabinoid system is effectively present in all animals including the primitive ones. Thus, all animals somewhat similar to humans can benefit from cannabidiol from your CBD oil.

You can look for products containing CBD for pets online at The Pet CBD Company where you can find vet quality products that are safe for your pets as all their products are hemp derived. Their THC content is well within the recommended range and you get pure CBD oil delivered at your doorstep without any extra costs.

Pet CBD oil

CBD oil for pets and humans is essentially the same, only flavor and concentration differs to a minor extent. They key essential points that you must remember before buying CBD oil for your most loved dog are:

  • The THC content should not be high or the product should be entirely THC free as high dosage of THC can cause marijuana toxicosis.
  • Avoid full spectrum oils as terpenes content can harm your little dog even if you have given only a small dose of the product.
  • Always give them a dose which is lower than the one recommended on the bottle of CBD oil; 0.25 to 0.50 mg per pound of their body weight should be a safe starting dose.
  • For any underlying health concerns, always follow the vet’s advice before trying to self-treat them.
  • CBD oil market is non-regulated and the concentration of different compounds might be higher than what is mentioned, adjust the dose accordingly.
  • Avoid CBD oil loaded with artificial or natural sweeteners as it can be harmful in the long run.
  • Specially formulated CBD treats are the safest and most convenient way to administer CBD to pets.

Thus, only a pure, isolated form of CBD is safe for pets and not any other product that is good for human consumption.

Benefits of CBD in pets

  • Dogs suffering from long term osteoarthritis can find great relief from pain with CBD oil as shown by a study.
  • This also increases their comfort level and their overall mobility.
  • CBD oil can provide enhanced relief from seizures when given in conjunction with their conventional epileptic medicines.
  • It can also provide symptomatic relief from anxiety and chronic pain in your pets.

Easy steps to administer CBD to pets

There are 4 ways to administer CBD oil to pets. Choose whatever suits you and is easy for your precious little creature to consume.

  1. Mix it with their food: 
  • Ensure that the food is wet so that the oil mixes thoroughly and the entire dosage is administered.
  • With solid food, the oil gets to the bottom of their serving bowl and they might not receive the full intended dose.
  1. Mixing the CBD product with water:
  • Pets do not consume the entire serving quantity of water in one go and thus this method could prove to be less effective.
  • If you are giving CBD for a serious health issue and need your pet to take the recommended dose, avoid mixing it with water.
  1. Direct administration on the tongue:
  • It can be simple or the most tedious way depending on the allowance by your pet.
  • Although, there is a complete guarantee of the dosage administered; but again it depends on the pet.
  1. CBD treats:
  • Soft treats absorb oil and can be hand fed to ensure the entire product is swallowed.
  • There are also CBD treat biscuits available in the market with calculated doses of CBD oil but they are very expensive.

You can also apply topical CBD products if the problem is external.

So, next time your dog shows signs of anxiety or pain that is not getting relief from traditional pet medicines; you can give CBD oil a considerable thought. Always talk to your pet’s vet before beginning any therapy yourself to ensure it is safely tolerated by your little creature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Approaching Direct Lenders for Short-term Loans

Direct lending means mediators like private equity firms, brokers, or investment banks get removed from a credit provision. The majority of borrowers seeking direct loans are SMEs or people in need of fulfilling their short-term needs. When a loan application is made to a direct lender there is no in-between, it is the lender that reviews and if criteria is met, they will approve the loan.

LoanPig identifies Short Term loans with a fixed APR of 292%. It has a vast lender panel that strictly follows the Financial Conduct Authority regulations. It is the best short term loan direct lender in Australia. People with bad credit can also apply because other criteria also get evaluated for eligibility.

With a direct lender, you will do all related activities like submitting applications, receiving the loan, repayments, and loan communications with only one lender. Direct lending has filled a market gap between lenders and borrowers with considerable debt or poor credit history with opportunities that otherwise may not be possible.

Advantages of dealing with direct lending services

Easy to access – Direct loans are easy to secure. In comparison to banks, the terms are more favorable. Direct lenders personally negotiate interest rates and loan terms, which is unfeasible with banks. Small businesses can instantly fund their development activities and smooth their cashflow.

Simplicity – Borrower has to handle a single lender about their loan-related activities like making an application, receiving a loan, and repaying. It becomes very simple to keep track of communication as there is no need to remember the broker’s or their associate’s name, who approved your loan.

Fast interaction – Communication lines are faster, especially when you need as your query gets handled directly with the lender’s employees. They easily access your case and help you straight away. If there is a broker involved, you need to communicate through a medium that adds to potential delays.

Resolve repayment issues – In case of repayment issues, you can discuss it straightaway with the direct lender. They can determine the repayment loan terms without any kind of ‘middle-men’ in the picture. You can feel relaxed and keep repayment manageable.


  • The loan market is competitive, yet nobody will accept to offer loans at unreasonable rates. The lenders need to be in sync with the competition, so they are obliged to offer the best possible deals. You submit a loan application and get the loan terms. There is no option like pick and choose from multiple offers. It means to accept the terms if you want a loan or move elsewhere.
  • There is no other way to reapply for rejection of your loan application or you disagree with the loan terms. You will have to approach another lender and go through the process all over again. It can be time-consuming if your finance needs are instant.

Before you approach a direct lender, it is essential to understand a short-term loan. It is not a financial solution for the long term. In case emergency financial problems head your way consistently, then take advice from debt management consultants.

Do You Know How Emergency Battery Back-Up Lights Really Work?

Emergency lighting is normally wired to the power supply of building for continuous charging of internal batteries for providing back-up power. This will ensure that lights will remain lit during power outage, allowing all occupants to easily locate their exit routs, if they need to evacuate the building.

Well, usually the emergency light could already part of your electrical system design, but if you want to install it after construction is finished, then too it is quite possible.

Following are few of the main emergency light components

  • LED – The LED chip will emit light when it will be powered up.
  • Test Button – The test button will allow professionals to simulate any power outage for testing the operation of the light.
  • Battery – The emergency light battery is actually where power will remain stored for operation during the power outages.
  • Emergency Light Module – The emergency light module will provide the light with all the necessary operations required for supplying power and also charging the light fitting.
  • Housing – The emergency light housing is usually made in various types of materials and shapes for all kinds of environments and applications.
  • Charging Indicator – Emergency light charging indicator is one red LED light which indicates that light fitting is actively getting charged.
  • Emergency Light Indicator Symbol – This symbol will indicate that the light fitting is actually an emergency light as set out in AS2293.

The emergency and battery back-up lights have an internal rechargeable battery and, thus, its lighting system is automatically activated when there is a lack of electrical lighting in the environment. In short, it works like this: the luminaire is plugged into the outlet and with the power interruption, it lights up. Emergency luminaires usually offer two levels of lighting – minimum and maximum.

This influences the life of the battery charge, as it will consume more or less when it is activated. To ensure that it works whenever necessary, you must ensure that it is always charged. To charge the battery, put it in “off” mode and wait 24 to 48 hours. This time varies according to the device’s voltage, so check the product specifications. Some modern appliances facilitate this process by indicating when the luminaire has fully charged.

The battery will only be discharged after the emergency lighting is activated, which will occur in the event of a power outage. It is important that you recharge the battery after that, to ensure it works when needed. Another important detail to know is that the battery is not consumed while the luminaire is plugged in and turned off

Emergency light: how to install

While installing your emergency light, it is recommended to select a high position, for avoiding theft or someone touching the level switch. It is also more interesting and safer for the lamp to be fixed to the wall, preventing it from falling on the floor or people bumping into it.

You may also do the installation all by yourself, but in case you are uncomfortable, then seek the help of any professional to perform this task!

Emergency light: maintenance

It is also worth remembering that because it is considered a safety device, the emergency light must be tested every three months. For this it is important to know that:

If the emergency light has not been used for 2 to 3 months, it is recommended that you unplug the device (simulating a power outage) and allow the battery to discharge completely, until the light goes out, then charge again.

If the light has been switched on, arrange for charging as soon as possible after a power failure.

Some product descriptions may change from one brand to another, so it is also important to read and understand the specifications, as well as the instructions in the manual, if any. If you follow our maintenance tips and the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you will ensure that your emergency light lasts for a long time, without any problems!

In our online store you will find emergency luminaires and many other electrical materials. You can also count on specialized professionals to answer your questions, buying easily over the internet and guaranteeing the security and agility you need – and deserve!

And if you are looking for a reliable electrical supply supplier, submit your bill of materials. We will respond quickly, with a personalized quote.

Visit a GMC Dealership in Baton Rouge to Learn All About the New Acadia

What should your next vehicle be? If you’re a family who likes to get out and about, the answer is to visit a GMC dealership and take a look at the new Acadia!

The GMC Acadia is built for families that go! With the flexibility of available third-row seating and Smart Slide second-row seats, this interior adapts to your family’s ever-changing agenda. Plus, you’ll have plenty of peace of mind. Advanced safety technology, including Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, help your family stay safe on the road. With up to 79 cubic feet of cargo space, flexible fold-flat split seats, plus an available hands-free programmable power liftgate, you’ll be ready for whatever weekend adventure you can think of.

Your weekend starts now! Whichever trim level you choose, the 2020 GMC Acadia is a SUV that is sure to impress. The comfortable cabin features exclusive fabric, premium finishes, and durable cargo mats for the cargo storage area. You will be able to stay connected with available advanced technologies that provide next-level convenience.

Many families will choose either the base SLE or stepped-up SLT versions. These models come with 9-speed transmission for smooth driving, plus 18″ aluminum wheels, and a 8″ diagonal GMC Infotainment System with available navigation. If you’re taking your Acadia out of town and off the paved roads, you’ll want to look into the GMC Acadia AT4. The first ever Acadia AT4 SUV features strong lines, exclusive wheels, and darkened details that stand out from the crowd. It has a 3.6L V6 engine with 9-speed automatic transmission, plus exclusive 17″ gloss-black wheels with all-terrain tires, advanced twin-clutch AWD system, traction select system with off-road mode, premium durable floor mats, and exclusive AT4 grille and black chrome details. Talk about athletic attitude!

Of course, the Acadia Denali is nothing short of fantastic. Incredible luxury features include 20″ ultra-bright machined aluminum wheels and the next generation 8″ diagonal GMC Infotainment System with navigation. There is also a Driver Alert Package that includes automatic emergency braking, front pedestrian braking, IntelliBeam headlamps, front and rear park assist, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, following distance indicator, forward collision alert and safety seat alert. That’s a lot! There’s also a hands-free programmable power liftgate with GMC logo projection. Available features include a 6″ diagonal color Head-Up Display and rear camera mirror.

You want a vehicle that is good looking, tough, and capable. This means you should first look into the GMC brand. GMC SUVs, like the Acadia, have been known for generations as some of the best in America. The only thing left to do now is visit a GMC dealer in Baton Rouge and test drive the new GMC Acadia!

Tips on Recovering Valuable Items That Falls Accidently into Your Toilet

There might be numerous incidences when some of your valuable items might fall into your toilet. To avoid this, you should always cover your toilet with a lid. In case, your item is stuck in the toilet bowl drain opening, you can recover those using Do-It-Yourself methods. If you have mistakenly flushed your toilet, then you may need to hire one of the trusted Sydney plumbers.

Wilco plumbing services, which is in the suburbs of Greater Western Sydney in the state of New South Wales, will be your best choice for all your plumbing problems. It is their own independent family business and they are available 24*7 to provide their services.

They provide repair and unclogging services for commercial and residential plumbing solutions. They have valid work license, well-trained, highly-experience and well-equipped plumbing professionals. They have their own van and tools which helps them to finish the job immediate on the spot. They can provide you with genuinely a low-priced quotation and efficient service.

Do-It-Yourself tips for items stuck in the toilet bowl and remains unflushed

The toilet water supply should be cut off immediately. You should not flush the toilet. If the item is visible, wear hand gloves and take it out of the toilet bowl. In case it is not visible, drain out bowl water completely. The item might be stuck in the toilet trap opening. You can use an adjustable spanner to unscrew all the bolts carefully and separate the toilet bowl from the waste pipe.

The wet vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the wastewater and your valuable item. Check the vacuum’s tank to retrieve your item. If it has not come out of the pipe yet, then drain out the entire water from the waste pipe.

You can use plungers like metal hook or plumber snake to take your item out of the waste pipe. These plungers are designed for unclogging and retrieving purposes. You can use a magnetic hook to retrieve a metallic, silver or a gold item. The plunger should be inserted into the trap opening and rotated clockwise continuously till you feel your item.

Once you have taken the item out of the waste pipe, you must carefully reconnect your toilet with the waste pipe. The water supply to your toilet should be restored and flushed to check the proper connections between toilet bowl and waste pipe. After recovery, you should also wash and sanitise your item and hands properly.

Alternatives when your DIY actions fail to furnish your flushed valuable items

When all your time and efforts seem to be a failure in retrieving your flushed valuable item, give a call to your trusted plumber to help you. They have a special camera to look through the waste pipe to find the exact location of flushed item. They also have special plumbing tools and are expertise in their work. This will assure you of retrieving your valuables without any damage to your toilet system.

They are well trained and well equipped with plumbing tools to handle any kind of plumbing services from unclogging toilets, to repairing your drainage pipes, to replacement of pipes for commercial and residential drainage piping system.

How to Determine the AE3007 Engines Borescope Inspection Requirements?

Borescopes are visual inspection tools that have helped the aviation sector for scheduled maintenance needs and non-routine checkup for possible defects. Let’s consider how mechanics perform borescope inspection on the modern engine Rolls-Royce AE 3007.

Borescope inspections on-condition

The first thing mechanics learned, when they were introduced to AE 3007 engine was on-condition. There was no-scheduled inspection program for the AE3007 engine. The mechanics can perform borescope inspection only when they get an abnormality signal.

For aerospace and aviation, the 4MM videoscope offers optimal articulation. It is popular because of its functionality. On the USA Borescopes, you will find the best borescope for Rolls Royce aviation engines. You can visit to get in touch with the technician support and get to discuss your need for customization. You will get specifications on what is essential not just what you requested.

So, how to determine the AE3007 engine needs borescope inspection?

How will the aviation maintenance team know when the AE3007 engine needs an inspection? Are there any signals that will alert inspection needs? The answer lies in the feature engine performance trending process. In the cockpit, there is a CMC [Central Maintenance Computer] located.

It is an element of an avionic suite, which accompanies the aircraft. Lots of engine, environmental, and airframe data gets electronically recorded on the CMC. The parameters that get monitored include fuel flow, N1, N2, ITT or EGT, vibrations, oil pressure & temperature, and more. The data gets downloaded every week regularly.

The data gets downloaded and reviewed by the airlines or the hired monitoring services. In case of adverse trend detection, the operators get an alert of a change in the engine trends. If the change is significant, then an emergency borescope inspection is recommended.

Borescope tool choice and inspection

As soon as there is a recommendation for borescope inspection, the instructor needs to choose proper equipment. According to Rolls-Royce, a 4 mm borescope is ideal. However, some operators found that 3.9 mm is much appropriate. The flexible jacket on the outer-side of the tip gets roughed and worn. It enlarges the tips effective diameter, which can get stuck in small parts of the engine.

After choosing the proper borescope tool, there are some things to consider for a smooth inspection.

  • Ensure a clean tip before starting an inspection.
  • Getting oil on the tip is easy as it goes through the gearbox, which can give a distorted view.
  • Ensure to make decisions based on clear images – in case of doubt remove the borescope clean the tip, and go again.
  • The data has to be good as you are not going to separate the engine for making a decision but use the borescopes digital photographic and measurement capabilities to decide.
  • Always make sure that the inspection tip is properly secured before using and is present when the borescope is pulled out from the engine.

While performing borescope inspection always refer to the maintenance manual. You will know how to recognize the defects and make valuable decisions based on knowledge. Ensure to know the potential of the borescope you will use for aircraft maintenance. The AE3007 engine is a little different in terms of routine inspection, so gain proper engine and borescope training.

How to Identify Gas Leaks in the Home

The American Gas Association says that over 73 million residential, commercial, and industrial US structures utilize natural gas, which is highly flammable. Potential gas leaks come with a risk of fire and explosion. Continue reading to learn how to spot the danger.

Gas Leak Signs

Not all leaks are big enough to notice right away. Watch out for dead houseplants, a damaged gas pipe, a white cloud near a gas line, bubbles in the water, a whistling or hissing sound near a gas line, or the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. Another thing you might notice is a higher than normal gas bill since there is gas escaping from the lines or appliances in your house.

Gas Leak Symptoms

A gas leak causes less oxygen in the air, which triggers the following symptoms: difficulty breathing, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, feeling lightheaded, headaches, flu-like symptoms, eye and throat irritation, mood changes, nausea, chestpain, nosebleeds, appetite reduction, ear ringing, and looking pale. Pet owners should also watch for behavior or mood changes, loss of appetite, lethargy, sore throat, watering or red eyes, trouble breathing, disorientation, and vomiting. High gas levels can cause loss of consciousness and death in pets.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning

With symptoms similar to that of a gas leak, CO poisoning happens when it burns incompletely. Exposure can require emergency medical treatment and can also be fatal. Some CO poisoning symptoms to look out for are chest or abdominal pain, fatigue, dizziness, muscle control loss, headaches, nausea, and bright red lips and pink skin.

Emergency Measures

If there is a definite leak, you need to ensure all people and pets leave the residence immediately. Allow it to air out and call the local fire department, utility company, or 911. Get treatment for exposure when needed.

If there is a suspected leak, take note of symptoms that show up when you enter the house and leave when you exit the house. If they come and go, it might indicate a leak, CO poisoning, or it might be another air contaminant like mold. Make sure to turn off the pilot light of your store and open the windows. A professional should come and investigate while you wait outside the house for safety.

Things to Avoid

If you suspect a gas leak, never use a phone inside, look for the leak source, try to fix a leak, turn the lights off and on, use lighters or other ignition sources, leave doors and windows closed, or ignore it. Always report it. And, when it’s a confirmed leak, trust only professionals for gas leak repair in Sacramento. Your life could depend on it.

Which Will be Better for You – Standing Desk or Sit & Stand Devices?

Most of you must have heard that sitting for long is not good for your back. So, people often look for various solutions including ergonomic furniture.

While looking for office furniture Sydney, which one will be a better choice between standing desk and sit/stand type of desk? Let us make a comparison between the two.

Standing desk

Following are few advantages of these standing desks:

  • Keep more focused and also productive

Working in standing position will usually keep you focussed on your work and you can easily move around hence makes you more productive too.

  • Can be cheaper comparatively

Any normal standing desk is available at an affordable price depending upon materials used.

  • Easier to install

It will be much easier to install as there are no different settings needed to make it workable.

  • Can work with treadmill

You can also use your treadmill while you are working and thus you can both exercise and work.

  • Get better ergonomics

Working in standing position will offer you better ergonomics and there will be no issue like back problem or any posture issue.

  • Get larger surface to work

You can get larger surface area to work.

  • Many activities can be done

While standing you can work and couple with it many other activities too.

Following are few disadvantages of these standing desks:

  • Good model can be expensive

If you try to look for any better model then it can be expensive too.

  • Manual models can be too heavy

Few manual models can be little heavier too.

  • Standing too long can also harm

Standing and working too long can also be quite tiring.

Sit & stand desk

Following are few advantages of these standing desks:

  • Quite easy to lift up

It will be quite easy to lift up or down anytime you like.

  • Can accommodate many items

You can keep all your computers, keyboards and quite a few items for your work.

  • Affordable option

You can get such sit and stand desk at quite affordable price.

  • Can work in both position

As the name suggests in this kind of arrangement you can work in both sitting as well as standing position. So, you will have an option to exercise on your own choice.

  • Improved productivity

Since you have got the option to work in both position, your productivity will increase a lot.

  • Access your file drawers too

If you have file drawers fitted in your table then you can easily access them while working in sitting position.

Following are few disadvantages of these standing desks:

  • Less surface area

Usually, your total surface area for working can be smaller than usual working table.

  • Comparatively costlier than low-quality desk

If you compare the cost of such desk with any low-cost desk then it may be little costlier.


Therefore, looking at the above comparison between two options, sit & stand desk can be a much better option.

Artisan Cooking Oils: An Overview

Adding healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil to your daily diet has many health benefits. Besides, introducing delicious flavor to food, healthy fats improve heart health and boosts metabolism, helping to trim your waistline. Specialty companies sell artisan oils in Georgia, made using organic nuts and seeds. They use ancient pressing techniques that retain the flavor of the oils while preserving its nutritional content. Read more to know more about artisan oils and how they can add more flavor to your dishes. The farmers’ market is a great place to buy artisan bread in Georgia, alongside fresh produce, specialty oils, homemade baked goods and more.

Healthy Cooking Oils

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils. Full of antioxidants and nutrients, extra virgin olive oil doesn’t go through the refining process, retaining the full spectrum of important nutrients. The high monosaturated fat content of extra virgin olive oil is known to improve cardiovascular health while reducing inflammation, unhealthy cholesterol and blood glucose.

Use it to make delicious salad dressings or add it to marinades or stuffing. Its an earthy taste blends well with several other ingredients. Coconut oil is also an example of a healthy cooking oil that adds flavor and taste to your dishes. It improves good cholesterol levels and can be used for a variety of cooking methods, including deep-frying, sautéing, baking, stir-frying and more.

Flavored Oils

Specialty producers make flavored oils that add more taste and depth to your cooking while making it more convenient for you. For example, garlic-infused olive oil is excellent for Italian dishes. You can add them to your salads or drizzle them on your pasta for a delectable aroma and irresistible taste that will take your dishes to the next level. Use it to make yummy dips or mix it up with some Italian seasoning to go with your bread.

White truffle infused sunflower oil imparts complex earthy notes of the woods and fruits, giving your dishes a gourmet twist. This artisan oil is great for salads, pasta dishes or to finish off any entrée, adding that special touch of flavor.

To buy artisan oils in Georgia, get in touch with local vendors and specialty companies that specialize in making high-quality cooking oils and salad dressings. Some of these organic oils can be used for effective skin and hair care.