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ValueMags Comments on the Taste of Chicago Festival

This past weekend was Chicago’s Taste of Chicago Festival. The festival was set to draw in a projected number of tourists and locals. The mayor’s office says that there was a record number of people that attended the festival. Surpassing the city’s expectations, tourists from the United States and other countries went, locals, kids to the elderly attended, and even local businesses such as ValueMags. It is the perfect outing for a small to medium sized business. The lengths employers will go to to find “bonding-type” activities for their employees is big but the city of Chicago makes it easy for them with by planning many summer festivals. There was an estimated 1-6 million people that attended the 5 day festival.

Only in 2012 did the festival extend to five days but it is a record since that year. The festival put Chicago restaurants and culinary ability on the international map this weekend, especially with all the press and tourists in. There was 66 restaurants and food trucks that displayed and served their food. As a result, there was over 200 menu items that were offered which drew in nearly $2 million in sales. In a variety of other ways, the festival was successful. Festival attendees gathered, participated in events and actives within the festival, emergency services were on-site and very responsive, and the city management and coordination was very effective as well.

For more information about successful and easy activities that your business can do between employees, contact ValueMags today for ideas. The magazine marketing company has a variety of activities always planned out for their employees which motivates them, contributing to company success.

How Does Accounting Software Improve Your Business And Profits

What does accounting mean to your business?

Year-ending financial reports, keeping records of bills, invoices, GST returns? A real daunting job, isn’t it?

Well, there is no other way; if you are running a business, and it is growing year by year, you need an accounting software to make the financial activity easier. Otherwise, you have to hire a professional to handle your accounting affairs, which will cost you more than buying a business accounting software. As a business owner, it would be great to keep yourself up-to-date with the new business trends, rather than the old traditional ways. Manual bookkeeping is not bad, but small business accounting software has brought maximum accuracy to the daunting data entry, keeping records of invoices, taxation, bills, etc. If you save the time in accounting, then you can use your brain and time in the enhancement of the productivity of your business. If the efficiency and productivity increases, you can maximize the profit. And all these can be possible only when you will get the best accounting software for your business.

What Is Accounting Software?

The Accounting software is a gift of technology to the world of business. It is a compilation of all the system and applications that are dedicated to minimizing human effort and the time, one needs to accomplish the accounting affairs of his business. With the small business accounting software, one can easily prepare his bank statements, GST returns, update financial record, create bills, invoices, etc.

Let’s have a detailed discussion about how offline or online accounting management software can boost the productivity, efficiency, and profit in your business.


Compared to manual bookkeeping, an accounting software saves the time of the business owner, and this is one of the biggest advantages it holds. Just imagine, you are preparing bank deposits and GST returns, managing financial records, creating customer invoices, bills, etc. only within few minutes. And all of this can be possible with the online accounting software. A business accounting software will reduce the time that you need to accomplish your financial affairs. You just sit on a chair, take a sip of your coffee, and sigh in relief, ‘phew, my job is done.” Try not to become idle, utilize the time in thinking how to grow your business and increase ROI.

Cash flow Management

An accounting software will not only help you to keep the financial records up-to-date but also provide you a future insight of your cash flow management. For instance, you have entered the bills and customer invoices into the system along with their due dates. The system will show you a report on how much cash you have in your pocket right now and what cash flow you are expecting to come until the due date. There is no doubt, that small business accounting software will help you to manage your cash flow.

Minimized Error

While entering data into your financial record, preparing bank deposits, invoices, bills, GST returns, a single and trivial mistake can cost you an arm and leg in future. But, with the best accounting software, you can minimize errors in your financial reports, entering all the data correct and accurate.

Cut Off Monthly Expenses

No matter whether you are a small business owner, or the owner of a large enterprise, money always matters. If you hire an accountancy service to handle your bookkeeping affairs, it will cost you a lot of money every month. On the other hand, buying a business accounting software will cost you primarily, but it comes with long-term benefits. It will cut off your monthly expenditure on accountancy service. Therefore, an accounting software will proliferate your profit.

Scalable Solutions

The best accounting software available in the market comes with such features and applications that will be scalable to the future needs of your business. They will boost the efficiency that will go hand in hand with your business growth. Online accounting management software is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Many business owners are now expanding their business, hiring home-based employees. More you expand your business, more profit will come to your pocket.

Align Book offers the best accounting software with features like multi-currency, multi-language, notifications, etc. With Align Book accounting software record and manage your accounting details, boost your profit at ease.

A few things you must know about Windshield Replacement

It is dangerous to drive with even a small crack in the windshield. Damaged glass should be replaced as soon as possible for two main reasons:

  • Windshields that are weakened by damage and provide less protection than they should
  • Cracked windshields decrease the possibility

Windshields are specifically designed to ensure the protection of passengers during extreme circumstances. Windshield auto glass has double sheets of glass stuck together. If one layer breaks, the plastic interlayer keeps the other one from shattering, thereby preventing the sharp pieces of glass from injuring the occupants of the car.

This doesn’t mean that you should drive around with a damaged windshield. Audi, BMW or Volvo auto glass replacement should be your top priority in such an event. Even a small crack signifies that the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised. Just like a damaged helmet, a damaged windshield no longer provides the level of protection required. Though not an immediate danger, if the crack is large, near or touching the edge of the windshield, the glass may have to be replaced and driving the car is not recommended.

Driving with a broken windshield should also be avoided whenever the damaged glass impairs the vision of the driver. As moisture, dirt and even windshield washer fluid seep into the layers of the glass, it gets discolored and further decreases visibility with time.

If you have been maintaining your car on your own and are considering installing the glass, there are a few things like the Volvo windshield replacement price you should consider. It’s important to have the right type of equipment to remove the old adhesive and properly repair the channels. If you’ve never worked with automotive glass before, you may want to reconsider doing it yourself and take some professional help. Having a professional install your windshield and door glass can prevent breakage and ensure proper installation.

Professional installation come with a warranty depending on the manufacturer. In most cases, if you get the job done yourself you don’t get these perks. Restoring a classic or vintage automobile is a fun and challenging project. Whether you are adding improvements or rebuilding from the ground up, replacing the glass can be an interesting adventure. However, you should trust experts when it comes to an investment like a windshield replacement.

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The world we are living in seems to be working in off values and it seems that there is nothing much that can be done. But does this mean that you also have to work off value? There are various things that people value such as money as it may help someone begin a business or it could be food where you give someone who has not had a meal for several days.  There are numerous ways that you could be of value to someone. All you need to do is identify your strengths and weaknesses.

As an escort, you need to be of value to your clients and bring the value in them and the moment you do this, you will see several clients come back to you as they will never get enough of you and as a result of how you treat them.  By helping your clients find value in themselves, you will realize that they would want to reciprocate and they will give you some of the things that you deem valuable.  With Escort 92 they value their escorts and they ensure that they get clients who will also value them.

  1. Your appearance

One of the things that matter to a woman is how she looks. Regardless of your profession, appearance really matters as this is the first impression that people have of you. Although looks may not really keep a man, but this is one of the most powerful things that will attract a man towards you. Although you may want to remain the way you are, being an escort is a business and I believe attracting a large audience is what you want.

Your appearance also determines your value and if you want to increase your value, you need to work on how appearance in terms of how you look and how you dress.  Your appearance will also influence how other people view you. However, never try to devalue yourself because you may not have the looks of a model. What matters is your confidence and how you carry yourself and rat your clients. You do not necessarily need to change your appearance just to get approval from people. Instead, take pride in your appearance and always dress to kill and ensure that your hair and makeup are on point.

  1. Be self-sufficiency

In your escort profession, at no point should start depending on a single person. The moment a client feels like you really need them, it becomes easy for them to devalue you.  Some even end up disrespecting you and giving you demands that may be beyond your set boundaries as they feel there is nothing you can do without them. There are some clients who may hold money on your head and try enticing you with the money and ask you to do some of the things you clearly stated you will not do.

Such kind of clients should be eliminated from your list and by no means should you ever put yourself in desperate situations that may make you want to take the deal.