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Tips on Recovering Valuable Items That Falls Accidently into Your Toilet

There might be numerous incidences when some of your valuable items might fall into your toilet. To avoid this, you should always cover your toilet with a lid. In case, your item is stuck in the toilet bowl drain opening, you can recover those using Do-It-Yourself methods. If you have mistakenly flushed your toilet, then you may need to hire one of the trusted Sydney plumbers.

Wilco plumbing services, which is in the suburbs of Greater Western Sydney in the state of New South Wales, will be your best choice for all your plumbing problems. It is their own independent family business and they are available 24*7 to provide their services.

They provide repair and unclogging services for commercial and residential plumbing solutions. They have valid work license, well-trained, highly-experience and well-equipped plumbing professionals. They have their own van and tools which helps them to finish the job immediate on the spot. They can provide you with genuinely a low-priced quotation and efficient service.

Do-It-Yourself tips for items stuck in the toilet bowl and remains unflushed

The toilet water supply should be cut off immediately. You should not flush the toilet. If the item is visible, wear hand gloves and take it out of the toilet bowl. In case it is not visible, drain out bowl water completely. The item might be stuck in the toilet trap opening. You can use an adjustable spanner to unscrew all the bolts carefully and separate the toilet bowl from the waste pipe.

The wet vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the wastewater and your valuable item. Check the vacuum’s tank to retrieve your item. If it has not come out of the pipe yet, then drain out the entire water from the waste pipe.

You can use plungers like metal hook or plumber snake to take your item out of the waste pipe. These plungers are designed for unclogging and retrieving purposes. You can use a magnetic hook to retrieve a metallic, silver or a gold item. The plunger should be inserted into the trap opening and rotated clockwise continuously till you feel your item.

Once you have taken the item out of the waste pipe, you must carefully reconnect your toilet with the waste pipe. The water supply to your toilet should be restored and flushed to check the proper connections between toilet bowl and waste pipe. After recovery, you should also wash and sanitise your item and hands properly.

Alternatives when your DIY actions fail to furnish your flushed valuable items

When all your time and efforts seem to be a failure in retrieving your flushed valuable item, give a call to your trusted plumber to help you. They have a special camera to look through the waste pipe to find the exact location of flushed item. They also have special plumbing tools and are expertise in their work. This will assure you of retrieving your valuables without any damage to your toilet system.

They are well trained and well equipped with plumbing tools to handle any kind of plumbing services from unclogging toilets, to repairing your drainage pipes, to replacement of pipes for commercial and residential drainage piping system.

Do You Want to Use Your Reusable Bags?

By using reusable bags made of paper can always save your money and resources and at the same time, you can make positive impact on the environment as well.

Following are few benefits of reusable bags:

  • Cost effective

These bags can last pretty long. Even if they get dirty you can get them washed in washing machine and reuse them.

  • Stronger

You can carry number of items in them and without any problem.

  • Save resources

Usually, plastic bags need crude oil and natural gas to manufacture and they are non-biodegradable, also need more fossil fuel for shipping them.

By choosing reusable bag, you will not only decrease amount of the non-renewable resources required for producing these plastic bags, but also you are decreasing the cost each year for cleaning them up.

  • Durable and reliable

Plastic bags are normally flimsy, but reusable bags are quite durable and can be used again and again. They will not if you fill them which means you may use them for quite some time comfortably.

There can also be number of other uses of reusable grocery tote bags. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can plant tomato in them

Though it can be a little unconventional, but these reusable bags can be great upside-down planters. Make sure they are well watered as potted plants may dry out faster than those planted on ground.

  • Use as beach tote

You can put your flip-flops, sunscreen and sand toys within these bags while you go to beach. Also, you may throw in few soothing after-sun lotions too.

  • Use as diaper bags

Instead of spending money on diaper bag you can use custom reusable bags that are gifted by your favorite merchants which is lying unused.

  • Use it for carrying your workout clothes

You can also take these bags to the gym too instead of carrying any duffel bag. You should not forget to take your protein bars as well as bottled water too!

  • Use as dance bags

Let your kids carry their dance shoes and leotards back and forth within reusable bags rather than buying fancy bags.

  • Carry all your knitting projects

If you like crafts then you can start with knitting. Use these extra bags for carrying all sorts of items related to craft projects.

  • Take it in your karate class

You can put you pads and gi into the bag, and also anything else that you need while going to class.

  • Kids can take during camping

While going for camping your kids need to fill up many things in their suitcases. You can make it easy with these bags where all the extra items can always be carried.

  • Take them for picnic

While going for picnic you can carry some sandwich fixings, vegetables and fresh fruits, chips, and any other thing that sounds good. Make sure that you also throw in few sodas. They can keep all other things cold till you are ready to eat

  • Put all your extra shoes

You can use these bags for carrying your dress and extra shoes too.

How Service Dogs Can Help Patients With PTSD

PTSD is a difficult condition to have. Patients who have it usually experience depression and anxiety. Luckily, there are several things that can help with it now. Aside from going to therapy and taking medication, you can also have a service animal. Here’s a brief guide on how they’ll assist you:


Service dogs are specifically trained to provide their owners with emotional, psychological, or physical support. The pups will watch over them around the clock and give you a sense of security.

This is especially important for patients with PTSD who may have trouble doing tasks, such as walking down the street or buying groceries. The animals will stay by their owner’s side, preventing panic attacks by ensuring there’s no danger. The dog’s presence also brings comfort while their human is sleeping, stopping nightmares from ever occurring.


Service dogs aren’t just pets; they’re working animals. They’re trained to perform specific things to help their handler. It can involve assisting them with their daily responsibilities or easing their symptoms. Here are some tasks they do for their owners with PTSD:


This is one of the main tasks of a PTSD service dog. They’re trained to alert their handler about several things. This can include when the person should take their medication, oncoming panic attacks, and other routine reminders. They can also signal a bystander, friend, or family member if their owner is in distress.


This is another common task. Sometimes, people with PTSD need a distraction. Because of this, their beloved pet is trained to interrupt flashbacks, nightmares, harm to others, and disassociation. The animal will do this by licking their handler, nuzzling, instigating play, or simply lying on their human’s chest. This can help improve the patient’s mood swings and anxiety.


People with PTSD often have anxiety, as well. So, when they’re in a crowded place, they may have trouble approaching someone or entering a building if they don’t know what to expect.

To help with this, service dogs are trained in crowd control. They circle their owner to create a barrier between them and other people. They may also block strangers from approaching or stop them from sneaking up from behind.


Service dogs can also guide their owners out of stressful situations. Maybe they’re experiencing a panic attack or were triggered by something. When this happens, the animal will lead their human away and take them to a place where they feel safe.


Service animals are also trained to make calls in case of emergencies, whether it’s for an ambulance, a suicide hotline, a therapist, or a loved one. Their numbers are pre-programmed into a dog-friendly phone that the animal will have easy access to.

If you have PTSD, you don’t have to go through it alone. Sometimes, having an animal around to assist you can help a lot. Consult a therapist, and they’ll refer you to a training facility that’ll provide you with a pup that’ll cater to your needs. After that, buy service dog vest to let everyone know that what you have isn’t just a pet but a working canine.

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