Month: September 2020

Do You Know How Emergency Battery Back-Up Lights Really Work?

Emergency lighting is normally wired to the power supply of building for continuous charging of internal batteries for providing back-up power. This will ensure that lights will remain lit during power outage, allowing all occupants to easily locate their exit routs, if they need to evacuate the building.

Well, usually the emergency light could already part of your electrical system design, but if you want to install it after construction is finished, then too it is quite possible.

Following are few of the main emergency light components

  • LED – The LED chip will emit light when it will be powered up.
  • Test Button – The test button will allow professionals to simulate any power outage for testing the operation of the light.
  • Battery – The emergency light battery is actually where power will remain stored for operation during the power outages.
  • Emergency Light Module – The emergency light module will provide the light with all the necessary operations required for supplying power and also charging the light fitting.
  • Housing – The emergency light housing is usually made in various types of materials and shapes for all kinds of environments and applications.
  • Charging Indicator – Emergency light charging indicator is one red LED light which indicates that light fitting is actively getting charged.
  • Emergency Light Indicator Symbol – This symbol will indicate that the light fitting is actually an emergency light as set out in AS2293.

The emergency and battery back-up lights have an internal rechargeable battery and, thus, its lighting system is automatically activated when there is a lack of electrical lighting in the environment. In short, it works like this: the luminaire is plugged into the outlet and with the power interruption, it lights up. Emergency luminaires usually offer two levels of lighting – minimum and maximum.

This influences the life of the battery charge, as it will consume more or less when it is activated. To ensure that it works whenever necessary, you must ensure that it is always charged. To charge the battery, put it in “off” mode and wait 24 to 48 hours. This time varies according to the device’s voltage, so check the product specifications. Some modern appliances facilitate this process by indicating when the luminaire has fully charged.

The battery will only be discharged after the emergency lighting is activated, which will occur in the event of a power outage. It is important that you recharge the battery after that, to ensure it works when needed. Another important detail to know is that the battery is not consumed while the luminaire is plugged in and turned off

Emergency light: how to install

While installing your emergency light, it is recommended to select a high position, for avoiding theft or someone touching the level switch. It is also more interesting and safer for the lamp to be fixed to the wall, preventing it from falling on the floor or people bumping into it.

You may also do the installation all by yourself, but in case you are uncomfortable, then seek the help of any professional to perform this task!

Emergency light: maintenance

It is also worth remembering that because it is considered a safety device, the emergency light must be tested every three months. For this it is important to know that:

If the emergency light has not been used for 2 to 3 months, it is recommended that you unplug the device (simulating a power outage) and allow the battery to discharge completely, until the light goes out, then charge again.

If the light has been switched on, arrange for charging as soon as possible after a power failure.

Some product descriptions may change from one brand to another, so it is also important to read and understand the specifications, as well as the instructions in the manual, if any. If you follow our maintenance tips and the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you will ensure that your emergency light lasts for a long time, without any problems!

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