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Spend Your Vacation Relaxing And Peaceful On Hideaway Beach Resort

If you are planning a honeymoon trip, Maldives is the perfect destination. There are lots of beach resorts in the Maldives due to its increasing popularity. Hideaway is one of the famous beach resorts for people who demand luxury. The resort is well-placed in the beach area that provides the favourite spot for people to break from the busy life. The hideaway maldives offers lots of amenities and excellent service to the guest.

The resort offers lots of water and ocean villas with exclusive amenities. Every villa comes with a private beach, free wifi, 24-hour security and room service, housekeeping, convenience store, etc. In addition, hideaway provides hassle-free access to the must-see spots in the city.

Create memorable moments with a dear one 

The Maldives is the best destination for newly married couples. Hideaway beach resort offers accommodation with DVD players, minibar, exterior corridors and others. The excellent location and beautiful facilities make the resort the best destination to enjoy your vacation in Maldives Islands. Samsara Asian and Matheefaru Restaurant serve delicious Indian and international dishes along with stunning views of the ocean. Besides, you can enjoy the European dishes in the Meeru Bar and Grill.

You can enjoy a massage with your partner. The spa features more than ten private treatment suites, a hair salon set, a steam room and others. The people who love to be active can enjoy the outdoor pool, guy and volleyball court. The beach resort provides vast ranges of the water sports such as on-site dove centres, excursions, fishing and much more. You can make your trip more memorable in the hideaway beach resort and spa.

What rooms offered by the hideaway resort 

The hideaway maldives offers different kinds of rooms such as deluxe water villa and ocean villa. Based on your budget and needs, you can book the best rooms for your vacation. More than a hundred suites are set on the beach with lush vegetation, coconut groves and others. The resort offers uncompromised privacy and first-class amenities to the guest.

  • Ocean villa – If you are planning for a honeymoon, an ocean villa is the perfect choice. They provide the luxury living experience with the open-plan bedroom, living room, swimming pool, and more. Other facilities include a walk-in closet, toilet cubicles, television, Jacuzzi bathtub, toilet cubicles, etc. In addition, you can enjoy an in-villa dining area on the sundeck with the stunning view of the never-ending blue horizon.
  • Deluxe water villa – It has a large bedroom with the sitting area, ceiling window and separate dressing area that provide you Maldivian experience. The water villa comes with a luxury bedroom, outdoor dining area, TV, and others. The sundeck with an umbrella, chair, loungers and table are perfect for spending more time with a partner.

Before booking the rooms in the hideaway resort, you can check the villa facilities and prices. It will help you to choose the best accommodation to stay in the Maldives Island.


Important Tips to Know on Carrying Purse While Travelling Overseas

While travelling overseas, we focus a lot on packing our essentials in leather and weather proof bags to protect them. The choice of your purse is equally important when you are travelling. There are different types of purses available that can hold on your important items. While travelling you want your purse to be versatile, easy to hang and durable. A perfect purse will add a style statement to your appearance. In this post, we have mentioned some important tips on choosing a perfect purse for you.

These days, you don’t have to rush to stores to buy the best quality handbags as you can buy them just with your fingertips. You can visit top-rated website to check out the stylish purses. You can sneak into the clearance sale to buy purses at best price. You must read reviews about the bag to know more about its quality.

If you are looking forward to buy a good quality purse then you can visit the website of Marsi Bond to check out amazing purses from their website. You can choose from the wide range of quality handbags that are perfect for you. You can also check out their amazing collection of Vegan leather handbags.

Tips to Know

·       You should never choose a bag or a purse that is hung at back as there are more chances of your things being stolen. You won’t be able to see anyone coming to your bag and stealing your important stuff. You can consider a bag with straps that goes around your chest. The bags having straps that slide from the shoulder can be uncomfortable while travelling. You must choose classic colors to make a style statement.

·       You should choose a bag that has enough space to carry all your stuff. You can consider buying a messenger bag as you can hang it comfortably. You must check out for some secret zips where you can keep your valuable items. If you feel comfortable carrying backpack then you must choose one with straps that can fit in your armpit. This will protect your items while travelling overseas.

·       You must focus on the closure of bags as these closures play an important role in keeping it safe.  You must check the closure before buying your bag so that thief cannot open it easily while you are distracted. There are many classic and stylish bags that you can carry to a party and make style statement. Make sure that you buy those bags that cannot be easily grabbed by the thief.

·       You should never compromise with the quality of the bag. You must check the material of the bag and stitches to make sure that they do not damage it easily. You can buy leather bags as these bags do not wear and tear easily. You can read reviews about the quality of the bag while shopping online.

These are some tips one should know about choosing a purse while travelling overseas.  

Bhubaneswar – The Perfect Destination For Fish Lovers

Odisha’s capital is Bhubaneswar, boasting of a very long history dating back to about 3000 years. It is also known as India’s temple city. Besides Bengal, it has been stated to be the perfect destination for fish lovers. People who just cannot live without fish can find Bhubaneswar to be a wonderful place to visit in all seasons. Seafood lovers can find it a real paradise. The local people here are known for their distinctive cooking style. Fish curries are prepared using mustard oil, while turmeric powder has been stated to be an absolute must in each and every dish prepared by the Odiyas. Most dishes tend to be spicy, since plenty of chilies are used in cooking. The traveler can order his choice of food delivery in Bhubaneswar station through reputed travel sites.

Trying Out Variety of Fishes

One can easily come across different varieties of fishes. If travelling to the city of Bhubaneswar, then the fish delicacies which are served here should not be missed out.

  • Maacher kaalia: It is a preparation using Rohu fish, where fish pieces get fried deeply in mustard oil. Fried pieces are then cooked along with onion, garam masala, green chillies, and ginger and garam masala.

  • Maacher jhal: It is considered to be a spicy dish prepared from Rohu, a sweet water fish. Main spices that go into making this dish are tomatoes, chillies, boiled potatoes, green chillies and mustard oil.

  • Narkel Chingri: Coconut milk is used for cooking lobsters of all sizes and pasted with cumin seeds, green chillies and ginger to provide that extra spicy taste.

  • Shorshe Illish: It is a seasonal dish where hilsa variety of fish is available especially during the rainy season. The fish pieces get baked and then fried lightly with green chilies and yellow mustard paste.

  • Crab kalia: It is prepared using crab meat and mixed with plenty of spices to give that fabulous taste.

Other Popular Cuisines Served Here

People who are not fish lovers, however, love to consume meat can choose other non-vegetarian cuisines here. Murg Saagwala has chicken deeply fried in it along with spinach gravy. Mutton kasha is another fabulous food where meat of goat is mixed along with chillies, onion, garlic paste, turmeric power and mustard oil, termed to be a real delight.

Sweet Sensation

Malpua cannot be missed out when in the city for which it is famous for the country over. It is regarded to be a pancake that is prepared from honey. It is generally offered to the important deity here, “Lord Jagannath” after which it is served as Prasad. Rasmalai is another interesting dish which is tasty and having tiny yellow balls prepared from paneer, soaked in juicy cream and condensed milk, sugar syrup. At times, saffron and dry fruits are sprinkled so that one can taste it and enjoy it thoroughly. Chhana jalebi is prepared from flour batter in coiled pieces, fried in oil and then soaked in sugar syrup before being served.